― Tim Fargo

Things we do….
  • Structural Modifications
  • Core Drilling
  • Guy Wire
  • Welding
  • Foundation Repair
  • Cathodic Protection
  • So much more!

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Structural Modifications

One of the main services that we offer is performing structural modifications. Modifications are needed for a few different reasons, whether it be for added support for additional equipment or to repair/replace existing components for structure stability or due to corrosion/rust buildup. The structures are inspected and corrective action is determined by Structural Engineers in charge of the site. We perform the work based on the guidelines of the Structural Engineer.

Structural Modifications include:

  1. Diagonal and horizontal bracing replacement
  2. Rust abatement
  3. Tower extensions
  4. Replacement of connection bolts
  5. Tower leg reinforcements
  6. And more!


Core Drilling

We provide drilling services when required. We have equipment with the ability to drill to a depth of up to 20 feet. This is done to provide additional anchor support to the foundation of the tower. After drilling, anchor rods are installed and connected to the existing tower structure.

Titan Tower, Inc.

Guy Wire

We perform relocation/replacement of guy wires. Over the course of time or due to structure load, it might be necessary to tighten, loosen, or move guy wires. We also provide other services that go along with guyed towers such as tension twist and plumb testing.


The owner, Travis Adkins, holds certification through the American Welding Society as a certified welder. While welding is being performed, we have the needed fire suppression systems in place to prevent fire damage to the tower structure and surrounding areas.